Hooked Up Fishing Co

Neil Warkentin

Owner – Decked Out Marine & Hooked Up Fishing Adventures

Neil Warkentin is the head guide and founder of Hooked Up Fishing Adventures. He grew up in Chilliwack, British Columbia, on a family farm, where he developed a strong sense of work ethic and a love for operating equipment. He also had the opportunity to work in the family automotive industry. However, his true passion has always been the great outdoors and the many adventures to be had on the Fraser River.

Since 2003, Neil has been a professional fishing guide, sharing his love of the sport and knowledge of the Fraser River with others. He has had the opportunity to work with the Fraser River Lodge since 2012, where he has honed his skills as a jet boat captain. With over 4000 hours of experience, Neil is an expert at navigating the challenging rivers of British Columbia.

Neil’s passion for the sport is evident in his commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable fishing experience for his clients. He is an expert in the field, and his knowledge of the Fraser River and its sturgeon population is unparalleled. He’s also an expert in his craftsmanship, as he is always looking for new ways to improve his boats and equipment to give his clients the best experience possible.

With Neil as your head guide, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. His wealth of experience and passion for the sport will ensure that you have a truly unforgettable fishing experience on the Fraser River.

Jesse Harrison

Partner – Decked Out Marine

Jesse Harrison spent his childhood on Harrison lake. There he got a taste for boats, marine activities & beautiful B.C! Many years of commercial fishing on the ocean have given insight and technical marine experience. The ability to think outside the box! These paired with a passion for upgrades & excellence in service have driven him toward the marine industry!

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