Sturgeon Fishing BC

The Fraser River is home to one of the most prized freshwater game fish on the continent: the white sturgeon. Our guides are experts in catching these ancient and majestic creatures, and they will make sure that you are consistently ‘hooked up’ with these spectacular fish. It is not uncommon to see a fish in the 6-10 foot range on a daily basis.


When you engage in battle with a sturgeon, you’re in for a thrilling experience. These fish are known for their explosive fighting style, often jumping multiple times before you reel them in. They are active hunters, seeking out live prey, which makes for an exciting and challenging fishing experience.


Sturgeon have remained virtually unchanged for over 200 million years. These true living dinosaurs can grow up to 15 feet in length and weigh as much as 1800 pounds, making them an unforgettable catch for any angler. It’s an experience that every fisherman or fisherwoman needs to have on their bucket list.


The best time to catch sturgeon in the Fraser River is in early Spring, Summer and Fall; however, we generally have mild Winters, making sturgeon fishing very productive if you can time it right with the weather. The fishing remains great until the end of November, which makes it the perfect time to come and experience the thrill of catching these ancient fish.

Sturgeon Fishing FAQs

Is it possible to catch sturgeon in BC?

Yes, it is definitely possible to fish for sturgeon in British Columbia, particularly in the Chilliwack region, which is considered one of the best destinations for sturgeon fishing in the world. While sturgeon are a protected species, the population of sturgeon in the Fraser River is closely monitored, and all fishing is catch-and-release. This approach helps ensure a sustainable future for both the fishing industry and the sturgeon population.

When is the ideal time to fish for sturgeon in BC?

Fishing for sturgeon in British Columbia is possible at any time of the year. The Fraser River offers a diverse range of food sources for the sturgeon, including five different species of salmon that enter the river throughout the year, in addition to shellfish, crustaceans, crayfish, worms, fish eggs, and other small or dead fish. White sturgeon are permanent residents in the Fraser River, making them available to catch in any month of the year.

What is the most effective bait for catching sturgeon?

When it comes to fishing for sturgeon in BC, there are several different bait options to choose from. Some popular choices include chunks of salmon, salmon roe, and hooligans. Ultimately, the best bait to use will depend on the conditions and what type of food is most prevalent in the river at the time.

What type of license is required to fish for sturgeon in BC?

In order to fish for sturgeon in British Columbia, you will need to obtain a white sturgeon conservation license. These licenses are available for purchase online for a small fee, and the proceeds from these licenses help to support conservation efforts for white sturgeon in the Fraser River.

What is the record for the largest sturgeon ever caught in British Columbia?

The largest sturgeon ever recorded in British Columbia was an impressive 11 feet 6 inches (352 centimeters) in fork length and 55 inches in pectoral girth. However, it should be noted that white sturgeon have the potential to grow even larger, with some estimates suggesting that they can reach up to 20 feet in length.

Are there any restrictions on keeping sturgeon in British Columbia?

It is not permitted to keep sturgeon caught while fishing in British Columbia, as the sturgeon population is protected and closely monitored. If you book a guided sturgeon fishing trip with us, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Sturgeon Monitoring and Assessment Tagging Program, which helps to preserve these ancient fish and provide valuable insights into the world-renowned sturgeon fishery in the region.