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Curtis Smith

Rated 5 out of 5
January 31, 2023

I have been lucky enough to happen upon Neil’s Guiding operation when I was staying at a local fishing resort in the Fraser Valley. We were going sturgeon fishing for an 8 hour trip. When it was time to head out, Neil was at the pick up spot on time and ready to go. There was 3 of us, including myself, my son and his buddy. Although I had sturgeon fished before, the boys were definitely newbies. First and foremost, Neil’s boat was the perfect platform for fishing. It was wide, comfortable and definitely spacious enough for the four of us. We could have easily accommodated a 4th fisherman.

One of the first things Neil had said to us once we hit the water was, “I was out here scouting the other day and….”. It was clear to me we weren’t heading out to the Fraser on a whim. Neil had done his research on what and where the action was and was not in order to be fully prepared to deliver a great day of fishing for us. Before too long we were hooked up with a nice sturgeon and then another and another. When things slowed up, Neil moved us around, changed up gear and did whatever he could to keep us on the fish.

The other thing I appreciate about fishing with Neil is that he is patient in teaching correct technique. He spent time to show us the various set ups, he numbered the rods so we knew which one he was referring to when we got a bite. If we messed up (which we did), he walked through what happened and how we might better handle that situation next time. As a casual fisherman, I certainly don’t want someone right up in either my, or a member of my party’s, grill because we lost a fish. It happens and there is nothing worse than the subsequent 20 minutes of awkward silence due to a terse confrontation of that sort…..on top of already feeling bad about the fish that we lost!

Anyway, I have since been on a few trips with Neil and tried to schedule a couple of more but our schedules just did not align. We have been out on the Fraser and up the Pitt for some truly spectacular and MOST IMPORTANTLY fun days of fishing. The fishing is fun but to be outdoors in any of these places on a spectacular day just can not be beat. Out trip up the Pitt was truly memorable and an absolutely gorgeous day.

And if having Neil expertly guide us on a day trip fishing adventure was not enough, inquire about Neil’s on-board BBQ luncheon. Neil sure knows how to rustle up and expertly prepare some outstanding tenderloins or a side of salmon.

I have fished with a lot of guides over the course of my fishing career, and I can whole heartedly endorse Neil as one of the finest fishing technicians, boat captains and generally great host for your next planned fishing trip. At the risk of jeopardizing my own future available fishing trip timeslots with Neil, I encourage you to consider his services on your next trip and give him a call.

Curtis Smith VP Operations